Mala Bead Wellness


Turquoise Mala Bead Pendant made with 108 gemstones and lava beads for aromatherapy use

Join us while we dive into 108 weeks of Mala Wellness education.

Want to know more about the healing benefits of Mala Beads, meditation, and intention setting?

How about learning how to use your Mala to its fullest potential so you can watch your intentions come to life at your finger tips.

Mala Beads date back 1000's of years ago. Our ancestors knew the power of intention setting through Japa Mala Meditation. Lets explore what others knew were special life changing tools together.

My vision is to see everyone reach their goals and live their lives the way they envision it. We all have dreams, why not go for them and feel supported during the process. Mala Beads are your safety net and they're always there for you during times of struggle. Especially when our mental health needs love and attention.

We are here for you and want the best for you all.

Hayley Loewen

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