I Am Clear Mala Bracelet

I Am Clear Mala Bracelet


"I Am Clear"
was the mantra said while making this Mala Bracelet.

Made with 6mm Gemstones.

Goodluck, fearlessness, protection.
gives quiet courage and clear reasoned
words in confrontational situations
helps those overwhelmed by responsibility to find order

Picture Jasper
Protection for both physical and spiritual realms.
Nurturing, healing, courage, wisdom.
Connects us to our planet.
Brings joy and substance to ones life.

Brings hope, enhances feminine energies,
sensitivity, calm energy, intuition,and psychic
abilities. Brings abundance and wellness to ones life.
Protection, especially during childbirth, pregnancy and travel.

Quartz Crystal is used in every Bracelet to keep it Powered and Cleansed.

Two Lava Beads for Essential Oil use. Put a drop on the Lava Beads, let them dry and wear.

Finished with a Silver Hematite gemstone to relieve stress and anxiety.

Lava Beads, Yes or No? (Lava Beads are seen in picture and used for Aromatherapy):
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