Our Mala Beads

what makes our malas different?

  • Each Mala is blessed with intention.

  • Flat rate shipping of only $5 across the globe.

  • Durable four inch tassels are used for each tasseled Mala.

  • We use healing Reiki energy to clear, release, and charge your Mala.

  • Each Mala is giving a smudging ceremony to cleanse them with love.

  • We use thick nylon string, to ensure our Mala necklaces are super durable.

  • Our Mala necklaces are made with 108 beads, to honour ancient Mala making practice.

  • Lava beads are included in every Mala necklace and bracelet for essential oil use.

  • An information sheet on the properties and care of each gemstone is sent along with your Mala.

  • We custom design Mala bracelets and necklaces based on your energetic needs. Call us for a free consultation.

  • Book an aura reading with Hayley online or in person. She can make a custom Mala necklace or bracelet based on your aura colours.

  • We care about supporting local and love purchasing some of our supplies at Strung Out On Beads

get a quote for a custom mala 

Lets build a Mala together that is custom to your vision, mental/physical health/wellness, and intentions.

We will collaborate with a maximum of 3 mock ups to make a Mala necklace or bracelet.This experience will help explore your wants and desires to create a one of a kind unique piece.

Quotes for your custom Mala’s/bracelets are free!

Cost for your Mala necklaces will range from $110-$300 CAD.
Mala Bracelet cost will range from $30-$60 CAD

Each Mala is unique, the cost of materials and time needed to create your Mala may vary.We will send you the cost before we move forward to make sure you are satisfied.

If we have the materials in stock it typically will take less than 1 week. Each Mala is either hand knotted or has spacer beads. While making your Mala I infuse it with a positive. Mantra of your choice. All materials aim to be of higher quality and are responsibly sourced.

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Diffuser Mala Bracelets made with genuine gemstone beads

Mala care instructions

  • Mala Beads are delicate sacred pieces that require care and safe keeping.

  • Store carefully when not wearing, hang if you can.

  • Do not wear when swimming or bathing, Do not wear to hot yoga (sweat can deteriorate the string), in general making sure your necklace and bracelet doesn’t get wet it will preserve the string.

  • Put on carefully and Remove carefully.

  • Be careful not to pull on it too hard it can stretch.

  • If your Mala has a tassel you can lightly wet the tassel if bent, you can cut the ends a bit if signs of fraying, or put bees wax on the ends to condition and prevent fray.

Essential oil therapy for Mala Beads

essential oils 101

All of our Mala necklaces and bracelets have lava beads for essential oil use. Just add a drop of your favourite essential oils to the lava beads, let it dry, and wear.

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