Who's Yo Mala?! - Written By Dana from Youga

November 28, 2017

Who's Yo Mala?! - Written by Dana from Youga

Imperfect Yogi

Prayer of some kind is an aspect of almost every single culture around the world. Prayer beads specifically have been used as a meditative tool as a way to direct words and intention. Pebbles and knotted ropes and strings of gem stones were found in ancient tombs by archaeologists and historians with reports of people using them for prayer. In Christianity the strings were called "paternosters", and were used to meditate on the Lord’s Prayer. Catholics use Rosaries, in Islam the strings are longer than the ones that were used in Christianity, but they are used for the same thing. Similarly, they are used to keep count of the amount of times a prayer is spoken. Sikhism uses Mala’s, Hinduism uses the term Japa Mala, Buddshism names them Mala. Basically Tomato, Toma-toe. Ya feel? Each denomination uses different types of beads, gemstones, has specific reasons behind it but with one common theme- meditation. Calming the mind. Heal thyself. Hope.  


I wanted to share with you the story of a friend, and beautiful woman named Hayley Loewen. Many of you who live in the Fraser Valley or around Vancouver might know her as the creator and visionary of I Am Blessed Mala Beads. Regardless of if you meditate or not, Hayley makes stunning, thoughtful and intentional creations of mala inspired jewelry in the form of bracelets and mala bead necklaces. Her vision is to “help people through intention with their Malas, to help people heal energetically. Allowing the earth to flow through them with the gemstones so they are always connected to a higher power... themselves, the earth, energy...connected to it all.”


Hayley is a new business owner, mother, wife, step mother and artist. Hayley has always known that she was meant to create, and to help people. She is shifting into giving up her day job, which has taught her that she doesn’t feel as though she is living her truest passion which is creating and sharing her gifts with the world. She has always felt that with the healing properties of gemstones, intention and meditation that self healing is possible. I Am Blessed Mala Beads are made with real gemstones from the earth. Each gemstone carries their own unique healing energies. The Malas are also made with Lava Beads to be used for essential oils placing a little bit on the Lava bead so that you can smell the oils all day. Consequently, aromatherapy is also an ancient healing technique where research has been done to prove it (step aside skeptics). Gemstones are then paired with copper, gold, or silver accents to really bring it all together not only as a design but unique to each person. Each Mala is handmade with positive intention and cleansed with a sage ceremony by Hayley herself. "If there is something in your life you'd like help with, these beautiful pieces are the very thing for your goals, dreams, health, wellness, journey, or paths."


I have two Mala's made by Hayley. When I wear them I feel like myself. I feel like I am grounded, and centered and I feel beautiful when I wear them. It’s like my body can tell that they are natural, because it almost feels weightless as it sits on my skin at the back of my neck and hangs down my chest. Sometimes when I need to calm myself I hold the center gemstone, the statement stone. Moss Agate is the one I chose. It is a stone of abundance and grounding. I close my eyes and I breathe. Feeling the cold grooves of each stone between my fingers, the gems almost warm up with the energy of my hand. I feel like the Mala necklace that was created for me, was exactly just that. For me. To embody by hopes, dreams, goals, and my need to connect to myself so that the outer world does not get the better of me. I can feel that it was made with love as it brings a sense of calm. This calm washes over me every moment that I wear it like a warm, intentional and genuine hug. With the scent of whatever oil I use on the Lava Beads, I instantly feel the effects of this grounding, container of power held within these tiny earthly stones. 


Whether you use them for yoga, meditation, or if you simply want more conscious jewelry to go with your outfit at your next big event (because they are insanely beautiful AND soulful, and who doesn’t like to shine every once in awhile, even while being a conscious human being) check out her website and Instagram pages. I Am Blessed Mala Beads on Facebook, @i.am.blessed.mala.beads on Instagram or www.iamblessedmalabeads.com. She has some events and workshops coming up where you can even learn how to string and make your own, choosing the gemstones yourself. 


Here is a photo of me wearing my Mala necklace and some bracelets taken by another talented friend and photographer Jaleesa Matteazzi Photography.