How to choose the right Malas

Have you ever been to a crystal store and felt an energetic pull from one particular, or several stones? This pull or attraction is the gemstone picking you. What attracts you energetically is usually the crystal that you need or want. The next time you have this attraction to a crystal take a look at the meaning or properties of it. Ask the person who works there for the description. It is so perfect to find that the crystal you're drawn to is 100% meant for you. 

Crystal Quartz Point

Energetically meant for you.

Choosing a Mala necklace and bracelet is a very similar process to choosing crystals. Before you scroll through our website take a moment to center yourself. Breath in deeply through your nose and exhale out your mouth. Do this 3-4 times. Close your eyes and focus on your third eye point. Breath in through this space and breathe out through your heart center. Do this 3-4 times. Then open your eyes and scroll through the pictures. Allow that energetic pull to happen. Your Mala Beads will choose you. Go with your first instinct, before reading the gemstones description. Once your Malas have chosen you then read the description. Like magic they are perfect. 

Multi coloured gemstones

Your Crystals choose you. 

Our company goes the extra mile for you. We set an intention for each Mala and say the intention after each bead is strung. This blesses your Mala with a beautiful Mantra that you can continue to power your beads with. We also smudge your Mala so that it is cleansed when you receive it. It's like you are the only person who has touched it.  We believe in energy therapy through crystals and love the added bonus of having them in a powerful Mala. This is a wellness tool that will take your meditation, spiritual path, energetic healing etc. to new heights. 

The next time you feel drawn to a piece that is made from the earth with intention, listen. It may be the exact piece to help you on your journey. Peace and love to you all. 

Hayley Loewen

I Am Blessed Mala Beads