Why...? How a tap on the shoulder got deep....

Someone came up to me the other day, tapped me on the shoulder and asked...Why would I want a Mala?

Here was my answer….

Why would you want a spiritual tool that reduces stress, heals from within, and provides comfort?

Why not?

We all face challenges that are not easy.

What if you found a tool where all you needed to do was recite a mantra to help you feel the intention you desire?

What if it helped you through the challenging times with ease and comfort?

What if its natural gemstone earth therapy provided healing from within?

What if the energy you put into it you received right back?

What if all you had to do was wrap it around your fingers, ask for guidance and guidance was received?

Would you invest in a tool like this?

Mala Beads are more than pieces of jewelry. They are spiritually healing tools that are sacred to your journey.

Over here at I Am Blessed Mala Beads, we know the immediate value that Malas give their owners. We have ethically sourced your Malas genuine gemstones, we design them with intention, bless them with smudging ceremonies, put them together with string that is strong and honour the ancient tradition of Mala making with 108 beads.


Because You and Your Wellness Matters.

Hayley Loewen
I Am Blessed Mala Beads