5 Steps on How to Choose Your Mala Beads

5 Steps On How To Choose Your Malas

Custom Mala Beads to fit all your energetic needs

With so many beautiful Malas in our I Am Blessed Mala Beads online shop, it may seem difficult to decide which one is right for you. We would love to assist you in selecting the right Mala to manifest your desires into the world!


Energetically, humans attract and absorb vibrations. It only makes sense that the things we wear can infuse us with their protective and healing properties.  The elements support our bodies, and gemstones have the ability to shift energy on a deep level. The trick is often deciding which Mala is right for you based on your intentions, your emotional desires, and your energy needs.


Let’s tune in to your intuition and get started on your step by step guide on selecting the perfect Mala!


1. Centering and grounding.

Sit down and close your eyes for a moment.  Feel the surface beneath you.  Notice any physical or emotional sensations that are surfacing in this moment. Be honest.  Release judgement. Notice. Breathe. Do this for a length of time that feels good to you. 


2. Deepen the breath- Tune into your heart’s truest desires

As you close your eyes, notice your natural breath.  Notice the air as it moves in and out of your body freely. Draw a deeper, more intentional breath into the base of your lungs.  Expand them as much as you can, then mindfully and slowly allow the air to leave. Breathe into your heart center for a length of time that feels good to you. 


3. Set your intention and listen to your intuition.

After deepening the breath, allow it to settle into a natural and fluid rhythm.  No need to control it. Feel in the center of your heart whatever it is you truly seek at this time. Maybe a sense of grounding? Maybe love? Success? Light? Adventure? Feel this as honestly as possible, without logic, editing, or judgement. What comes to you?


4. Reflection: Open your eyes, and write.

Return your focus to the room.  Notice the surface you are resting on. Notice the air around you. Notice sounds. Notice your physical body, your heart beat, the rise and fall of your chest.  Take three long, deep breaths and release them with a sigh. Gently blink your eyes open. Write down everything that came to you during this honest moment with yourself.


5. Choosing

Repeat this meditation with our I Am Blessed Mala Beads online store in front of you. Open your eyes at the end of the meditation to see which Mala you connect with…are drawn to. Is there a Mala that matches the energy you seek? You can trust that these sacred pieces, soulfully blessed with mantra and intention, will assist you on your journey, wherever that leads.


Written by,

Dana Schulstad