Essential Oils- What the heck, and how?!

Essential Oils- What the heck, and how?!

I Am Blessed Mala Beads Essential Oil “How To”

Ahhhhhh the world of essential oils! Historically aromatherapy began in ancient Egypt where the oils extracted from cedarwood, cinnamon and clove were used to embalm the dead. In China they were first used to enhance mental states. It’s also worth mentioning that oils were used in Ancient Greece as perfumes, and in World War II were used to treat wounded soldiers in France.

In 2018, essential oil blends are commonly found diffusing in most homes to freshen the air and if you’ve ever sat next to a hippie on an airplane the earthy aromas of patchouli or soothing scent of lavender can often be smelled from the next row over. For the better part of many centuries aromatherapy has been a way to help sooth the mind and has provided an array of physical benefits creating harmony within our environment. To get started, we would like to briefly introduce you to a few basic oils that you might find a use for. 

Lavender: Calming and soothing

Peppermint: Can be used for soothing headaches

Citrus: Can bring a freshness to your home or car, invigorating the senses

Essential oils, with use of a carrier oil, are placed directly on the skin; however, depending on the oil the aroma along with its benefits can fade over time. Luckily, I Am Blessed Mala Beads has you covered! All of our Mala necklaces and bracelets have lava beads mindfully placed for essential oil use. The addition of the lava beads not only provides a grounding effect to the wearer of each I Am Blessed Mala, but the porous nature allows for longer wear of aromas and ensures that the benefits are felt all day long.

You might now be wondering where, how, and when to use these lava beads.

Step 1: Add a drop of your favorite essential oils to the lava beads on your favorite or custom I Am Blessed Mala.

Step 2: Allow the lava beads to dry

Step 3: Wear your mala

Step 4: Apply throughout the day as needed

You can focus on a certain health benefit (after doing some well executed digging and research of course) or simply channel your inner Aphrodite and use your favorite aroma blend as a perfume. Now that you are on your way to becoming an essential oil connoisseur, be sure to stay tuned to learn more about how I Am Blessed Mala Beads can support you holistically with the use of aromatherapy!!

*Please note: Essential oils and aromatherapy should safely be used along with other health modalities, and it is important to remain mindful that some can lead to contraindications. You can find a list of such contraindications along with more information at under “About Our Malas”. Simply scroll down to the section titled “Essential Oils 101” to learn more.

Written by:

Dana Schulstad