How to Cleanse and Power your Mala Beads

How do you “Power" your Mala Beads?

"Power" your Mala Beads? What does that even mean?

We all want the best results from any investment.
A Mala purchase is a Wellness investment that provides for you daily.
With your love, safe keeping and attention your Malas will supply you with the most Wellness possible.
"Powering" them is one way to honor, protect, and get the most from your investment.

Below are a few "Powering" techniques:

1. My favorite way to "Power" Mala Beads is to sit in nature.

Take your Mala into nature to be cleansed by the sun, fresh air, and your positive energy.
Close your eyes, sit up against a tree, take a few deep breathes.
Send your intention, love, and appreciation down to your Mala Beads...they are "Powered."

2. Smudging is a wonderful way to cleanse your home, self, Malas, crystals etc.

Hold your Mala in one hand.
While your sage is burning hold it under your Mala.
Begin repeating its specific intention in your mind as you diffuse the smoke.
Allow the sage bundle to either burn out or gently press it out in your heat-proof shell or container.
It's cleansed and "Powered."

Powering your Mala Beads under the Full Moon

3. Full Moon energy is super "Powerful"

Have you ever noticed the energetic shift on a full moon night? I know I have.
Gemstones carry energy and loved being "Powered" by the full moon.
Place your Mala Beads on the inside of your window sill.
Make sure it will be exposed to the full moon light.
Say the Mala's specific intention, and leave it for the night.
Wake up to a "Powered" Mala ready for your Wellness.

Singing Bowl used to power and Cleanse your Mala Beads

4. Vibration with Singing Bowls.

Do you ever notice when you hear a good tune on the radio it makes you feel em"Powered?"
Have you ever been to a yoga class where they used singing bowls....HEAVEN!!
The vibrations of sound helps to "Power" and cleanse your energy.
It works the same way for your Mala.
Take your Mala to a singing bowl meditation class, or if you have your own singing bowl place your Mala near it and play.

Power your Mala Beads with Sunlight

5.  Who doesn't love the SUN!!

Does the sun help you to feel happy and "Powerful?"
Our beautiful sun is a very easy and effective way to charge your Mala. Do be careful with Amethyst Opal and Turquoise as the colors may fade with exposure to direct sunlight.

Cleanse and Power Your Malas with Quartz Crystals

6. Do you have any Quartz Crystals laying around?

Quartz has amazing healing qualities.
One of the most amazing is how it cleanses and "Powers" other crystals, gemstones or items.
I love "Powering" every Mala we make with our large quartz crystal.
It feels amazing to be around and I know our customers can feel the extra charge of energy when they receive their Malas.

As you can see there are tons of ways you can "Power" your Mala Beads.

Which one will you choose?