Whats So Great About A Tassel Anyways?

A Tassel from our I Am Serenity Mala

A Tassel from our I Am Serenity Mala

Have you ever wondered about tassels?

What are they?

Where do they come from?

Why are they on Mala necklaces?

We wondered the same thing when we began creating Malas and wanted to share a little bit about what we now know.

Malas always feature either a guru bead or a tassel at its low point which conveniently rests in the centre of your chest, usually at heart level. This heart level connection brings you closer to thousands of years of tradition. The tradition of connection, community, and ritual. Instantly bringing a sense of peace to its wearer.

The word “Tassel” is defined as a tuft of fabric pieces held together at one end for decoration. It also refers to a connecting point on a plant, a fastener or clasp on a cloak, and a piece of rock or wood supporting a beam. Tassels, by definition, hold things together. They provide support…at least in the English language. So let’s dive a little deeper.

Within a spiritual context, tassels have been a symbol of connection and protection. There is an extra piece of fabric woven around the strands symbolizing oneness. Different tassel colours can be chosen to represent specific intentions. In Buddhism the tassel is also said to symbolize the lotus root, wherein lies the root to enlightenment as we rise from the mud and bloom into our personal divine.

Humans are very much built on the foundation of community, connection and relationship. When you wear one of our Malas let the tassel be a representation of all these things. Of a bond built on strength and faith connecting you to others who are open. We can be reminded of this every time we meditate using our Malas, comforted that the tassel is connecting us, bridging gaps in the world, in our hearts, and in our collective healing.

The next time you wear your Mala, close your eyes for a moment and reflect on what connection and community mean to you. Breathe. Send an intentional blessing into the world to somebody you know, or to yourself. Just collectively wearing these powerful talismans sends out a ripple effect. It begins with a simple cluster of fabric strings joined together by love and community.

Written by

Dana Schulstad