If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there?

So it’s Mark again. I’m a full time observer and part-time participant in the I Am Blessed world. I make Hayley coffee. Help get her show displays ready. Do a lot around the house to free up time for her to find ways to bless you with her products and services. And I do it with a glad heart. For the past seven years I’ve benefited from her gifts. When I decided to make a lifetime commitment to her I was also committing to help free up her gifts for the benefit of others. It’s not always easy sharing her with you but I know I need to. You don’t take a treasure like this and bury it in a field.  


Sorry…this isn’t meant to be a fanboy blog. What I’m really here to talk about is the whole idea of intention. You see, as IAB has evolved, it’s become clear that the community we want to be a part of is people who desire to live an intentional life.

So what does that mean.

Well, first off it means gaining the insight to know how much of what motivates us comes from within us… and without us. I believe that inside of each of us is a roadmap to a worthwhile, fulfilling life. I also believe that from the moment we’re born there are forces that try to influence us in a different direction. It may be our parents trying to live vicariously through us. It may be social media flooding us with its powerful messages. It may be an ideal born from a partner, or maybe cultural conditioning. The root matters little. What matters is that we recognize what’s coming from without, and only allowing what jives with what we have within to become a part of us.

Hayley Loewen I Am Blessed Mala Beads

But how?

By being intentional.

Now I come from a background of goals and striving and sacrifice. And I still believe these are noble acts. But sacrifice for a goal that doesn’t mesh with your deep calling isn’t a sacrifice at all. It’s waste. Wasted time and resources that could be better spent on what’s really important within.


So now what…

Daily intention setting. The act of settling within to spend time each year, month, or day setting an intention for that period. Then focusing on that declared intention to see it come to fruition. The problem is that we live busy lives. Like really busy. Busy to the point where it is quite difficult to find a moment to unplug from the business to both set and revisit the intention. We need help. We need tools to assist us. Well guess what…that’s what IAB is all about! Malas are essentially a tool to help ordinary people like me (or maybe you) set, revisit, and keep intentions. Right now I’m working on developing a compassionate attitude. Let’s rephrase that: I have set an intention to be more compassionate. To help me with this I’m using the “I Am Compassionate Mala”. Besides the daily setting of the intention I find that when my attitude becomes judgmental, I reach for my Mala and run my fingers up and down each bead. It reminds me that I AM COMPASSIONATE, despite how I may feel in the moment.

So what else can I tell you? That our Vancouver, Canada based studio is basically a living representation of the power of intention setting? Yep. That our products can be called yoga beads, yoga jewelry, or Bohemian jewelry, but that their true value is as hand-made intention-setting jewelry to assist you in developing the life you desire? Absolutely. That Hayley continues to develop materials around the jewelry to help you know how to best use them to get the life you desire. Of course. I mean…it’s kind of who she is.  And what I Am Blessed is all about.

Better get off here before she realizes I’ve hijacked her blog again.