Matters of the heart- The heart chakra unleashed

The heart chakra is a vast space, albeit a closed-in one. We walk around life a little hunched over as one of our most vital organs rests perfectly nestled between a couple of ribs as if in a cage. Life hardens us and compassion for ourselves can be one of the first things to go awry. We guard as a means of self preservation in turn affecting the balance of our body systems.

The heart chakra directly affects the thymus gland, keeping our immune system in check. This heart centre is the division between the lower and the higher chakras. Green is the colour we can envision while rebalancing this chakra during meditation.

When the heart is off-balance you might feel disconnected from those you love or unable to give or receive love. Feelings of fear and unworthiness can develop leaving you to experience many confusing emotions.

I Am Blessed Mala Beads Heart Chakra Blog

The antidote? A simple love potion. The more love we emanate from our lives experiencing everything from a space of forgiveness and compassion, the more love builds. So embody love. Send yourself compassionate thoughts. When the mind defaults to judgement switch it to understanding. You can start simple from “I am so stupid how could I make that mistake” to “I am human. Where can I improve?”

Thoughts of self criticism or dissatisfaction can be replaced with thoughts of gratitude, and understanding for the way things are.

Metta meditation or loving kindness is a really great practice to adopt in moments where you're feeling like forgiveness or self love are just not coming so naturally. Grab a mala that you connect with, carrying stones of rose quartz or green aventurine. As you soak in the energy of these stones, connect with them with eyes closed and a steady breath. Send yourself and others kind and loving words and thoughts. African turquoise is the stone used in our “I am Compassionate” mala blessing the wearer with trust, compassion, forgiveness and confidence to live out ones truth- living intentionally from a space of love and from the heart.

It's a practice. Just like anything else else. Start somewhere but always start with yourself. It’s not so much about this fluffy notion of love, as much as a silencing of the notion that you are not enough or ending a phase of anger and resentment for a situation in your life. It’s about coming home to your truth and choosing to act from this space rather than responding to fear and lack. How will you choose to walk through this world contributing to the good all around, daring to forgive yourself, and others once in a while.

With love from my heart to yours,