What the Heck is “Intention Setting” Anyways?

Will no one explain this mystery to me?


Yep, this was me, frustrated whenever a yoga teacher or a coach would ask me to set an intention.

It’s kind of funny because I became that yoga teacher. I completely forgot that I didn’t know what an intention was as a student. I just assumed that everyone else did and I must’ve been the odd one out. I look back on my time as a yoga teacher and kick myself for not explaining what an intention was because it could’ve helped so many people.

Intention Setting Blog by I Am Blessed Mala Beads

So, here I am, making up for not explaining what an intention was to my students.

Here we go…What is an intention, how will it benefit me and why do you ask me every friggin day to set one?

People often allow the day, the week, or the month to just happen to them. There’s no goal, direction or purpose. We walk around on auto pilot and wonder how the day went by so quickly. I sometimes get like this when I am driving and all of a sudden I think…”how the heck did I get here?” Does this happen to you?

This happens because there’s a lack of direction, mindfulness and “intention” in our daily actions.

I Am Blessed Mala Beads Intention setting blog post

When you take the time to set an intention, you are activating your receptivity and manifesting. You’re putting out that which you intend to attract, amplify, cultivate and call into your life. By having an intention you are purposefully going in an intentional direction. You wont get lost in the distraction, or in the auto pilot of life. Living an intentional life will give you purpose and fast track you towards manifesting all your big dreams.

That is the power behind “Intention Setting”

So, my intention became “I Am Fierce” and it became my mission to fiercely go for all the things I wanted in my life. I still say this intention everyday. It gives me the courage to go for it even when I am scared, not feeling good enough and my favourite…feeling stupid. My intention will not allow limiting beliefs to enter my brain and cultivate. My intention only allows room for the thing I am Fiercely going towards, fiercely living for and fiercely being.

That is why I make Mala Beads. So others can live with purpose, manifest their dreams and eliminate limiting beliefs that keep them from their desired life. Mala Beads are gorgeous reminders of what your intentions are so you never loose focus. Wear them and use them daily to activate your intentions and manifest all that you desire with the touch of every bead. Your Mala is a powerful, sacred tool that has been used for thousands of years. They are still here because they work, you just have to do the work and allow them to assist you.

What is your intention today?

What can remind you to set your intentions each day?

Would going through the beads of a Mala help you to stay focused and say your intentions with intention?

If you struggle to sit in meditation…then allow your Mala to keep you focused on that one thing that will bring you to your bliss state.

Stop struggling to try and “be still” and meditate. There are many ways to meditate. Using a Mala is one way to keep you on track and focused on your purpose.

Share with use in the comments what your intention for this week is.

Thank you for being here with me today, I love you Muchly,

Hayley Loewen

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