Bob Olson - The Magic Mala

Have you read the book “The Magic Mala” written by Bob Olson?

It literally changed my life and was one of the biggest inspirations for I Am Blessed Mala Beads.

Well, I sent Bob a Mala to say thank you for his book. He now recommends our company on his website!!! AHHH super honoured and so excited!!

Below is what he wrote about us.

The Magic Mala written by Bob Olson

I Am Blessed Mala Beads

When people read my latest book, The Magic Mala: A Story That Changes Lives, they are often inspired to get themselves a set of mala beads. Many people buy malas that cost less than 20 bucks, and that’s great if all you want are cheap gemstones (possibly not real) and mediocre stringing. But for those of you who seek the powerful energy of quality gemstones and the care of craftsmanship in the stringing of the beads, you want to find a mala maker who’s an artisan. I have just such an artisan to share with you.

I Am Blessed Mala Beads, owned by the super cool mala maker, Hayley Loewen, offers high-quality knotted and non-knotted malas in a wide range of prices (her prices in Canadian dollars, so less if using American dollars). Just the name of Hayley’s business says it all, doesn’t it? I Am Blessed Mala Beads. I love that. She’s intention-focused when making her malas. In fact, her wish is that your mala be a reminder to you that, “you are worth your time and you are valuable beyond measure” (taken from her website). It’s positive, loving energy that goes into every mala.

If you buy one of Hayley Loewen’s malas, she uses strong nylon strings, which are much better than silk because nylon doesn’t kill silkworms and nylon is stronger and stands up to moisture and dirt better. I personally prefer knotted malas, but you have your choice of both with Hayley (non-knotted malas typically cost less).

I own the “I Am Fierce Tassel Mala.” It has these intensely black Matte Onyx beads (and a few Lava beads for a drop of essential oil), and I must admit that I absolutely adore it. It’s very well knotted, and I appreciate the strength of this mala (both in its stringing and energy). I also must say that the tassel is one of my favorite mala tassels that I’ve ever owned. It doesn’t tangle or get frizzy like a lot of my mala tassels, so I’m not constantly trying to smooth it out. It’s my favorite mala right now, meaning it’s the one I use on a daily basis. And this is why I’m telling you about this kind, authentic, and bohemian-style mala designer.

Can you believe this?

I couldn’t. I am still pinching myself.


Hayley Loewen