5 Physical Benefits of Mantra Meditation

5 Physical Benefits of Mantra Meditation

First off all what is a Mantra?

In the Sanskrit language, Mantra means (Man) mind, and (Tra) transport. When you break it down, Mantra helps us transport or elevate the mind.

A Mantra is a sentence, phrase, or words that are chanted out loud or to yourself during meditation. A mantra provides spiritual, mental, and physical healing. I find the most effective way to use Mantra is to chant out loud. The energy created in the chanting or singing creates vibrations in the body. These vibrations create Neuro-linguistic effects. These effects create a sense of calm, peace and tranquility throughout the body.

Simply put, chanting your Mantra out loud creates a stress reduction vibration that cleanses your soul and fills you full of high vibrational energy.

Mantra Meditations take us out of the “rat race” mind so we can deepen our intuition, set our intentions, and feel an abundance of happiness.

Mantra Meditations with I Am Blessed Mala Beads

I have a heart condition. A-Fib and Supraventricular Tachycardia. My heart races and skips to 200 bpm when exercising, and during times of stress. Because of this it was super important for me to know the physical benefits of Mantra meditations.

What are the physical benefits of Mantra Meditation?

  1. It regulates your heart beat. Some days I don’t even need to take my heart meditation. I’ve reduced the need for it by 50%. I hope one day to not need the medication at all.

  2. The rhythmic sound of chanting moves energy throughout the body. The movement of this energy helps us regulate the neuro-chemicals in our brains. It does this by blocking stress hormones and releasing endorphins.

  3. Mantras enhance positive brainwaves—the brainwaves that kick in during relaxation.

  4. Chanting has been shown to increase immune functions, and reduce blood pressure. The sound of the mantra puts a layer of positivity over any negative self-talk. When the negative is covered, the mind has room for positive thoughts.

  5. Mantras can release fear. People with phobias often use mantras to help them walk firmly through times of fear and uncertainty.

The Physical Benefits of Meditation

Why am I talking about Mantra meditation? Because you can use your I Am Blessed Mala Beads to help guide you through a deep Mantra meditation. Simply say your Mantra to each bead of your Mala, sit back, and feel all the juicy benefits.


Hayley Loewen