5 Healing Properties of Shungite

Shungite the stone that protects against EMF

Shungite, Shungite, I LOVE YOU SHUNGITE!!

I’ve heard about Shungite and its amazing healing abilities. However, I was a bit of a skeptic and didn’t feel drawn to the stone until I met Veronica from I Love Sola at Wanderlust in Whistler. After the festival I couldn’t get her amazing jewelry out of my head. Shungite was calling me!

This past weekend I was in the Vancouver Gem Show in Kits and one of the vendors had 20 strands of 8mm Shungite beads. I placed them in my hands and it felt like I was in Heaven. I took them all!!

I placed the 20 strands on my lap and found a bliss state that I only find in meditation. It was as if the stones had cleared away my brain fog and put me in a state of pure consciousness. I went from skeptic to hard core believer in just 60 seconds.

5 Reasons Why Shungite is so Amazing

1. Protects against electromagnetic radiation emitted by our phones, wifi, computers, radio waves, microwaves, etc.

At the gem show last weekend I was suffering from a really bad headache. I regretted not taking something for it before I left the house.

Having no idea that Shungite helps with headaches, I put the bead strands in my hands, and within 60 seconds my headache was gone. No joke!

I went from brain fog, lack of concentration, and headache to clarity, focus, and freedom from pain … in 60 seconds? I couldn’t believe it.

I went on Veronica’s website and found that Shungite causes the subtle fields in its space to become more bio compatible. Which means Shungite creates compatibility between our bodies and our environment. It blocks toxic, injurious, and other physiological modes of interference.

Yep, I feel that!

It’s like a Utopian universe covers you in a euphoric bubble. It’s AMAZING!!

2. Removes old emotional patterns to create space for the new.

The gem show and wanderlust were both very slow markets so my feelings around lack showed up. It wasn’t a comfortable place to be in. I was so upset and thought that my product wasn’t good enough. People would say how amazing my Mala Beads were, but I just wasn’t hearing them.

As soon as I wrapped a strand of Shungite around my wrist I was on a high vibrational buzz. My smile went from ear to ear. It was like FRIGGIN MAGIC and it felt so good!

Immediately I went from self deprecation to self realization. I began to listen to people’s comments and felt their gratitude for my work. I met so many amazing people and made several synchronistic connections. I started selling more to people who were excited about Mala Beads. It was EPIC!

3. Will keep you focused and productive leading to success.

I’ve always known that I suffer from brain fog. I think I may have a bit of undiagnosed dyslexia as well. I have a difficult time with putting a story together while doing a podcast, or a facebook live video. I ramble and forget the point. I am really hard on myself for this. I would call myself “Stupid” on the daily.

I admire the women who can put their businesses together, know what to say and do, and be so clear with their message. Even though I am clear with mine I still have difficulties piecing together the words.

I truly feel that Shungite has already helped to remove the brain fog that I suffered with for so long. It really is cry worthy. To go from feelings of “I Am Stupid” to pure clarity is nothing short of a miracle.

4. Relieves stress, creates harmony and helps people restore energetic balance in our bio fields. The result? Joy!

Trust me, I was not in a great place last week. I know I’ve said this already but as soon as I put this Shungite on I was on a high!!! A crazy amazing high.

Joy flooded my body. It was like a light came down and lifted away all my stress and created this perfect atmosphere within and around me.

5. Boosts Energy

If a stone can get rid of my headache, allow me to focus, bring feelings of abundance, block EMF’s and relieve stress…that alone is a HUGE ENERGY BOOST!

Imagine going from uncertainty to certainty or stressed to joy. Just those shifts alone are enough to boost anyone’s energy.

Shungite is by far my new favourite stone. I feel the manifesting powers of it and I can’t wait to see what cultivates with all this BLISS.

Below are some links to our new Shungite collection. I am so excited to share the amazing gift of Shungite with all of you.

Hayley Loewen