Diamonds, Are They Really A Girls Best Friend?

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

True or not true depends on the girl I suppose. Marilyn certainly thought so. As have millions of other newly engaged women all over the world.  The name diamond is derived from an ancient Greek word meaning "unbreakable", and "untamed". Sounds like pretty amazing descriptors for a marriage! I can see why De Beers Consolidated Mines Ltd., through an advertising campaign beginning in the 1930s, were able to make diamonds into a key part of the betrothal process and a coveted symbol of status. The diamond is also the birthstone for people born in the month of April, and is used to represent a sixty-year anniversary.

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Diamonds were first mined in India 3-6000 years ago. Today, the majority of the Earth’s diamond is mined in Russia, with South Africa, Angola, and Botswana also contributing significantly to the global supply.  

Diamond, receives mention in ancient Sanskrit texts such as the Arthashastra. In Hinduism diamonds were often used as eyes on religious statues. They were seen as related to fire or the sun.

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Symbolically, diamonds have been worn to help regulate sleepwalking and mental illness, and to ensure victory in an uneven fight.

So how do they affect our body, mind, and spirit? Diamond has been used for centuries to promote strength, invincibility, courage, creativity, and imagination. Its vibrations can help one feel lighter, more joyful, and more aligned with Spirit. It is known to strengthen brain function, nerves and senses, as well as promote self-worth, radiance, and love.

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While it is unique and fascinating, you will not find an I Am Blessed Mala Beads mala featuring a diamond gemstone in our Vancouver, BC, Canada studio.  It’s because we would like to use the diamond as a way of connecting with you to create a new heirloom for you and your family. Get in touch and tell us about a piece of diamond jewellery you already have. The story behind the gem. How that story affects and influences you today. Then let’s work together to design a handmade mala necklace or mala bracelet to harness your diamond’s energy to amplify your new mala’s intention for your life. Diamond and meditation beads? What a powerful combination! This is the work that excites us more than anything else.

Something borrowed,

Something new,

Something spiritually meaningful to you.


Hayley Loewen