Fluorite...nature's laser light show.

When you look at this mineral you are probably struck by its deep colourful glowing qualities. It almost appears…fluorescent! What’s interesting is that the concept of fluorescence was named after this gemstone, not the other way around! Fluorite is almost always laced with “impurities” which give each piece its own unique colour. It can be Purple, Green, Black, Blue, White, Yellow, Red, Pink, Brown, or Orange. It’s the rainbow gemstone.

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While there are references to a mineral thought to be fluorite as far back as the early 1500’s, Scientist George Gabriel Stokes is credited with identifying and naming this unique substance in 1852. Most deposits of fluorite are found in various locations in South Africa, China, and Mexico.


Fluorite receives some mention in ancient Chinese cosmology where it is viewed as connected with “Yang”, the masculine active principle in nature that is exhibited in light, heat, or dryness.


This gemstone was first used to adorn sculptures, carvings, and cutlery. It was thought to act as a shield against maladies, specifically those affecting teeth, bones, skin, and ulcers.

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So how does fluorite affect our body, mind, and spirit? Well, for starters it’s known as the “Genius Stone” because of the myriad of uses possible in modern living. It increases concentration and the free flow of thought. It amplifies and focuses our intuition. As a meditation bead it is used to induce calmness and peace of mind as well as purify one’s aura. It can be helpful to restore equilibrium disrupted by negative energy, excessive energy levels, chaotic personality, depression, mood swings, and insomnia. It’s like a metaphysical Prozac!

Genius stone indeed!

 We love fluorite so much we made it an integral part of our signature Mala, the I Am Blessed Mala Necklace. It’s also found in our I Am A Mermaid Mala. In these pieces of intention jewelry, handmade in our Vancouver, BC area studio, fluorite’s properties combine with the other gemstones to help bring order to chaos, promote calmness, stability, focus, concentration and balance, as well as cleanse and renew our chakras.


We love that fluorite’s beauty and personality come from its “impurities”. Pure fluorite would be rather plain and unexciting. Add a bit of trace mineral like yttrium or ytterbium, or maybe a few hydrocarbons, and WOW! You get a bright, colourful gemstone perfect for a bohemian necklace full of energy and ready for an intention or two.  

Much love and light to you,

Hayley Loewen

owner of I Am Blessed Mala Beads