Now what?! How to Guide: Meditating With Your New Mala

Meditating With Your New Mala

In our May blog post we began with how to choose a Mala from our I Am Blessed Mala Beads online shop. You might now be wondering how to use your Mala to assist with meditation and manifestation. Meditating with our custom blessed Malas honors an ageless technique used by many cultures and denominations to fuse spirituality and tradition.

So, let’s go deeper to learn how to meditate using your new Mala!

I Am Blessed Mala Beads woman meditating with Mala Beads

1. Create or Find A Quiet Space

It is important to create a sacred space where you not only feel comfortable, but also where you might be free from distraction. Meditating doesn’t always look or feel perfect. It can help to have a designated place in your home or outside where you feel connected to yourself, especially at first when this might be a new practice.

2. Find a Comfortable Position, Comfort is Key

When we feel fidgety, or like we are forcing something, our minds tend to have a more difficult time sitting still to meditate and we are less likely to enjoy the experience.

Find a comfortable seated position, sit up tall and root your pelvis to the ground. Create length as you extend the spine all the way to the crown (top) of your head. Relax your shoulders and allow gravity to let them rest away from the ears. Relax your face, jaw, and arms- your upper body is supported by the stability of your lower body.

3. Centering and Grounding

Take a few deep breaths, sending it to the base of your lungs and down the spine. Slowly expand into the belly to fill your whole body with breath. When you exhale do so just as slowly. With each breath you will feel lighter and more grounded ready for your meditation practice. If your mind wanders, allow the thoughts to simply pass by and return to the breath.

4. Choose Your Meditation or Mantra

Listen to your heart to determine what it is you require or would like to manifest into your life at this time. You can choose a mantra or one word and repeat with each bead 108 times. Affirmations, intentions or chants can also be used to infuse your Mala and manifest your desires. You can also use the breath itself completing 108 breaths to start or end your day.

5. Holding Your Mala

    Hold your Mala in your right hand and drape one side over your middle finger. Begin by placing your thumb on the guru bead, tassel, or the main gemstone. From here you will count each bead one at a time using your thumb to thread each bead through until you return to the beginning of the guru bead, tassel or pendant. If you would like to continue you can reverse the order going through all 108 beads as desired.

    Written by:

    Dana Schulstad