“I am Compassionate”- A Sacred Softness

“I am Compassionate”- A Sacred Softness

The theme this time of year is fluidity. The autumnal energy has settled leaving room to cultivate. It is a spiritual trifecta of flow, feelings, and fertility which align perfectly with this week's featured chakra; the Sacral chakra. This is the second Chakra centre located in the body above the Root. It rests in the pelvic area and fuels passion and creativity. The Sacral Chakra is associated with the colour orange and its elemental energy is water.

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When we plant seeds for the future we connect deeper to passion and creativity. This is the essence of “self love”; truly experiencing our lives with as much excitement and pleasure as possible. This can be done by taking time in quiet to observe our thoughts, and our bodies assessing what we are doing that truly serves us and what we are doing that does not. This connection to ourselves can support change no matter how uncomfortable it may be, helping to set clear intentions and actually embody a “go with the flow” attitude. When we are in flow we begin to see ourselves for the beautiful whole beings that we are. We must become kind and compassionate, cozying up to our perceived shortcomings so that we can move forward with strength and bravery to achieve creativity and passion. To take the proverbial leap of faith and jump- but not before cultivating the ever changing sense of self.

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At I Am Blessed Mala Beads it is no secret that we love meditation and taking this quiet time with our malas and gemstones to help reconnect and centre during times of reflection, cultivation and rest. We have many malas that we believe can help with imbalances within the Sacral Chakra.

    Meditating with orange stones such as orange calcite and orange carnelian can help with any direct imbalance in the Sacral Chakra as well as various mantras and affirmations.

“I am open”

“I value and respect myself and my body”

“I am a sensual being”

“I am passionate and creating”

Head over to the I Am Blessed Mala Beads website and check out our I Am Compassionate” mala. This mala was carefully blessed and strung with 108 African Turquoise beads to bring the wearer a sense of balance and the confidence needed for self development. African Turquoise is a stone of awakening the spirit so that you can live your life’s true purpose.

    Sometimes we just have to love ourselves a little harder, plant the seeds of intention; pause, and wait. Your time is coming. Just breathe and tune into the sacred softness found within the Sacral Chakra.  

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