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Handmade on the west coast

i am blessed mala beads



I Am Blessed Mala Beads is a wellness business that cares about you. Our Malas are designed to help manifest your dreams into reality. They are sacred pieces blessed with specific intentions, a smudging ceremony and Reiki energy.

And lets face it, they look fabulous!

All of our Mala necklaces and bracelets are made with genuine gemstones. Each stone is ethically sourced. Every gemstone carries their own unique healing properties. Our Malas also come with lava beads, to be used with essential oils for aromatherapy. A wonderful pairing to your natural, handmade, earth healing Mala Beads. 

Natures abundance!

  We bless all your Mala Beads with intention.

We bless all your Mala Beads with intention.

what makes our malas different?

  • We create all of our Mala necklaces with thicker nylon string, making them durable.

  • Our products are 100% Vegan.

  • We use Reiki to clear, release, and charge your Mala. To offer healing through Reiki energy.

  • Two lava beads Are included in every Mala necklace and bracelet for essential oil use.

  • Our Mala necklaces are all made with 108 beads, honouring the tradition of Mala making.

  • A smudging ceremony is done on each Mala cleansing them with sage and love.

  • While making your Mala we bless them with intention.

  • All of our Mala bracelets are made with two quartz crystal beads so your bracelet is always powered and cleansed.

  • 4" durable nylon tassels are used.

  • Each gemstone is ethically sourced.

  • Flat rate shipping of only $5 across the globe.

  • An information sheet including the care instructions and information of each gemstone is sent with your Malas.

  • Our store has 6mm and 8mm Mala Bead choices.

  • We custom make Mala bracelets and necklaces based on your energetic needs.

  • Book an aura reading with Hayley. She can make a custom Mala necklace or bracelet based on your aura colours. (she just needs a picture)

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