I Am Free Mala Necklace

I Am Free Mala Necklace


"I Am Free"
Was the Mantra used while making this Mala Necklace.

"You are free from judgment, you are free from negative thoughts,
you are free to live your dreams...you are free to be who you're truly
meant to be.

Made with 6mm Gemstones.

White Jade
Brings peace, harmony and luck.
is calming and grounding. Blocks distractions
helping to make better decisions. Enhances
your love life. Removes hurt and anger.

White Agate
Balances Yin/Yang energy.
Calming and relieves stress. Protects from bad dreams
Clears away blocks from your true path.
Improves concentration, reduces anxiety, and releases traumas.

Silver Hematite
Practical thinking, abundance, decision making.
Improves material and financial life.
Helps with mathematics, argumentation, and problem solving.
Grounding, and stress relieving.

Glass Pendant with dandelion seeds

Lava Beads for Aromatherapy. Put a drop of Essential Oils on, let them dry and wear.
108 Gemstones
Thick Nylon cord

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How to use your Aromatherapy Mala
All of our Malas come with the option of having Lava beads.
Put a drop or two of essential oils on the lava beads, let them dry and wear.
The essential oils should last for 8-10 hours.
If you want to switch essential oils you can. You may want to wait until the scent of the last one is gone.

Care for your Mala Necklace
Mala Beads are delicate sacred pieces that require care and safe keeping.
Store carefully when not wearing, hang if you can.
Do not wear when swimming or bathing. Do not wear to hot yoga (sweat can deteriorate the string). In general making sure your necklace doesn't get wet, it will preserve the nylon string.
Put on carefully and remove carefully.
Be careful not to pull on it too hard it can stretch.
If your Mala has a tassel you can lightly wet the tassel if bent, you can cut the ends a bit if signs of fraying, or put bees wax on the ends to condition and prevent fray.

Cleansing you Mala
Your Mala Necklaces come smudged, Infused with Reiki energy and Blessed with Intention.
To keep your Malas cleansed of unwanted energy, you can put them under the full-moon (on the inside of your window sill at night), and also with sage.

About our Products
Our creations are handmade in Canada on the West Coast, with Ethically sourced Gemstones. We only use authentic stones, and cruelty-free vegan materials (no bone, suede, leather)

All of our Gemstones are are Natural, and may have slight variations in colors, shapes and sizes.