I Am A Moon Goddess Mala Bracelet #2

I Am A Moon Goddess Mala Bracelet #2


"I Am A Moon Goddess"
was the Mantra used while making this Mala bracelet.

Made with 6mm Gemstones.

Setting intentions with the moon brings meaning and transformation to your life. Our Mother Moon Goddess is constantly changing, inviting new energy, opportunities and deep healing. Harness the power of the moon by setting your intentions with her through each moon phase. Allow her to be a reminder that your intentions are important and that you are worth your time.

Pearl (cruelty free)
Attracts wealth, and luck.
Calming, balances karma.
Strengthens relationships, keeps children safe.
Purity, generosity, integrity and love

Lava Beads for Essential Oil use. Put a drop on let them dry and wear.

Smudged with a sage ceremony, cleansed on a quartz crystal block and infused with Reiki energy

Size Guide:
X-small 6"
Small 6.5"
Medium 7"
Large 7.5"
Large 8"
Measure your wrist by wrapping a string around your wrist (not tightly) and measure the string.
Sizes are in inches

Lava Beads, yes or no (lava beads are for essential oil use):
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How to use your Aromatherapy Bracelet
All of our bracelets come with the option of having Lava beads.
Put a drop or two of your favorite Essential Oils on the Lava Beads, let them dry and wear.
The essential oils should last up to 8-10 hours.
If you want to switch essential oils you can. You may want to wait until the scent of the last one is gone.

Care for your Mala Bracelets
Store carefully when not wearing, hang if you can.
Do not wear swimming or bathing, take off when washing your hands, do not wear to hot yoga (sweat can deteriorate the string), in general making sure your bracelet doesn't get wet. This will preserve the elastic string.
Put bracelets on carefully and remove carefully.

Cleansing your Mala Bracelet
All of our bracelets come with Quartz Crystal Gemstones. Quartz is a Crystal that powers and cleanses other Gemstones. We put two in each of your Mala Bracelets so you get the most benefits from your Gems. They also come Smudged and Blessed with Intention.
You can cleanse them under the full-moon (on the inside of your window sill at night), and also with sage.

About our Products
All of our creations are handmade in Canada on the West Coast, with Ethically sourced Gemstones. We only use authentic stones with cruelty-free vegan materials (no silk, bone, suede, leather)
All of our gemstones are are natural, and may have slight variations in colors, shapes and sizes.