I Am Hope Mala Bracelet

I Am Hope Mala Bracelet


"I Am Hope"
was the mantra used while making this Mala Bracelet.

50% of the proceeds will got to Run For Water.

Give hope to the people of Ethiopia and give water by purchasing this bracelet. Or send a direct donation to Run For Water.
Learn more by checking out this wonderful cause at https://www.runforwater.ca/learn

Made with 8mm gemstone beads

Power, luck and protections.
Protector against all things evil.
Happiness, clear thinking, empowerment.
Relaxation, success, ambition, creativity.

Quartz Crystal
Harmony, Energy, Healing, Psychic abilities,
Clarity and Calm. Amplifies energy and thought.
Balances and powers physical, mental, emotional
and spiritual energies. Cleanses and Powers other crystals.

Lava beads for essential oil use. Put a drop on let them dry and wear.

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