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At times, life isn’t easy. It throws you some pretty tough circumstances.

Before I became a Yoga instructor, or a Mala Maker, I isolated during the tough times. Until, inevitably, depression set in.

I hit a huge low point. I struggled to see the meaning of life, what my purpose was and why I made bad decisions for myself and others around me. It’s because I didn’t love myself. As harsh as it sounds, I hated myself. I knew I needed help, and I needed it quick.

I looked at the areas in my life where I was unhappy. The number one reason was my job at the time. I wasn’t making a big enough impact. I wanted to help people deep down at a soul level. So, I quit my job as a psychiatric nurse…Now what?

I knew that I needed to find myself again, to ease the stress and feel happy again. So, I went full time into yoga teacher training. Having never done yoga before this was a pretty amazing stretch, pun intended. I felt a call towards yoga so I listened. I dove in head first and received my 500 hour yoga teacher certification and taught for years. What I didn’t realize at the time is, I was teaching love. Love for others, love of connection and love for oneself. One of my very first Mantras was “I am in love with myself” I said this Mantra every day to each bead of my Mala. Like magic I started to love myself again. I went from not wanting to live, to wanting to live and wanting to live well!

A daily Mala meditation saved my life and can possibly change yours. Even if your meditation is one positive word when you wake up, and one when you fall asleep, it can make a difference. Allow your Mala to be a reminder that you are worth your time and you are valuable beyond measure.

My hope is to share the many benefits of Mala Beads so others who have struggled with mental health issues have a safe place to reach out to, to find love for themselves again and reach for the stars.

(Mala Beads are not intended to cure Mental illness, they are there to assist you in your wellness)

Love to you all,

Hayley Loewen


Vancouver, BC

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