I Am At Peace Tassel Mala

I Am At Peace Tassel Mala


“I Am At Peace”
Was the Mantra said while making this Mala.

This Mala is made with Rudraksha seeds.
Rudraksha seeds are seeds that grow inside what looks like a fruit.

Rudraksha comes from Hindu mythology and means “the tears of Shiva.” Lord Shiva meditated on the welfare of mankind and emerged crying tears of compassion. His tears hit the earth and crystallized to form the rudraksha trees.

I strategically placed three lava beads right where your nose will smell the aroma and benefit from essential oil diffusion. (Put a drop of oil on the lava beads, let them dry and wear)

It also has two quartz crystals at the back for clarity during meditations and black hematite to relieve tension.

Made with 108 8mm beads.

You have an option of 5 Tassel choices. Our tassels are high quality nylon.
Bright Blue

Tassel Color:
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***How to use your essential oil diffuser Mala***
All of our Malas come with porous Lava beads.
Put a drop or two of essential oils on the lava beads, let it dry, and wear.
The essential oils should last for 24 hours.
If you want to switch essential oils  you can do this. You may want to wait until the scent of the last one is gone.

***Care for your Mala***
Mala Beads are delicate sacred pieces that require care and safe keeping.
Store carefully when not wearing, hang if you can.
Do not wear when swimming or bathing, Do not wear to hot yoga (sweat can deteriorate the string), in general making sure your bracelet doesn't get wet will preserve the nylon string.
Put on carefully and Remove carefully.
Be careful not to pull on it too hard it can stretch.
If your Mala has a tassel you can lightly wet the tassel if bent, you can cut the ends a bit if signs of fraying, or put bees wax on the ends to condition and prevent fray.

***Cleansing you Mala***
Your Malas come pre-saged and blessed with intention.
To keep your Malas cleansed of unwanted energy, you can cleanse them under the full-moon (on the inside of your window sill at night), and also with sage.

***About our Products***
Our creations are handmade in Canada on the West coast, with ethically sourced gemstones. We only use authentic stones, and materials with no bone, suede, leather.
All of our gemstones are are natural, and may have slight variations in colors, shapes and sizes.